Are G-Shock collectible?
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Thread: Are G-Shock collectible?

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    Are G-Shock collectible?

    I never really looked into them before, but there's a few models I really like the look of. Do they hold their value? Or is it just the more expensive models?

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    Re: Are G-Shock collectible?

    Well, it really depends on what models your looking at. If you like it then collect and enjoy them. Forget the value or trying to flip them later on for more money.
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    Re: Are G-Shock collectible?

    Sometimes they hold value, sometimes they lose value, and sometimes the value goes up. There is no way to accurately predict, but generally speaking the more "limited" and "special" a model is, the more likely it will be collectible and hold value. But I agree with raze---buy what you like, don't worry about value. Definitely don't buy something you don't like just because you think it might be worth more in a year or two. That's a waste of time and you will frustrate people who are trying to get the watch because they actually want it. When new limited editions come out, there are scalper types waiting to pounce on them and take advantage of people on ebay. Sometimes the real fans and collectors can't get them easily because all the resellers get them first.
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    Re: Are G-Shock collectible?

    I agree to go with what you like.

    I bought my first 6900 on ebay last night, a DW-6900FSAS-1GJCU Adult Swim Metalocalypse 2013 Limited Edition. While still making up my mind on whether or not to get it I Googled up a youtube review of it where the guy who reviewed it paid $200 for his when it first came out, and I got mine new in the box for half that.

    That's not to say in 10 years it won't go up in value in someones mind, but I'm not going to lock it away in a safe waiting for it to happen.

    I did see an Adult Swim Aqua Teen Hunger Force Limited Edition that somebody must have thought was pretty valuable though. They were asking over $300 for it. Whether or not somebody else does remains to be seen.
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