G-Shock + Digital Compass?

Thread: G-Shock + Digital Compass?

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    G-Shock + Digital Compass?

    Are there any new G-Shock models with digital compass? The only one I know about is the DW-9800 "Wademan" model - anything more recent?


    pic for reference:

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    Re: G-Shock + Digital Compass?

    Although not "G-Shocks", I believe the Protreks and Pathfinders should be suitable and still pretty tough in their own rights.

    Popular more recent models are the PAW-1300 and PAW-1500 range. I don't own any pathfinders or protreks personally, but many here do and I'm sure they will comment.

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    Re: G-Shock + Digital Compass?

    No G's that I am aware of. The PAW-1300T has that feature, and I figure it is tough enough for what my wrist hopes to see.

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