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    G Shock G100? Kirin Speed version

    Hi, I'm desperately trying to find a G Shock "Speed"
    version of the classic G100 Ana Digi watch, it may also be known as a "Kirin Speed"
    The watch is identical to the G-100 with a black resin case but with a blue face and from what I remember, possibly the word "Speed" on the face.
    I typed in a Google search for Casio G Shock Speed but found nothing,
    If anyone can give me any more info I would be extremely gratefull

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    Re: G Shock G100? Kirin Speed version

    This one....?

    If so, it's a Daisuke Matsuzaka special LE model of 5000 units released in 2000.

    Google this and see what you come up with: 『キリンスピード Gショック』

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