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    Question G-SHOCK GD100GB-1 Adaptor

    Hello! I'm new here and I would like to know what kind of adapters would work with GD100GB-1.I just bought the watch but its kind of tight on me so I would like to change the strap.
    Conformation would be nice as well. Also I don't really know how to change the strap... so a little tutorial would be nice. Thanks for your time!

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    Re: G-SHOCK GD100GB-1 Adaptor

    Moved to our G-Shock forum. Simply the better place to ask.
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    Re: G-SHOCK GD100GB-1 Adaptor

    Standard adapters will work just fine on the GD100. You can order these from Howard Marx at WestCoastTime.com. I believe there are some current G Shock models that use adapters and a part number has been posted somewhere. If so, you could order directly from Casio Parts and they'll cost a little less, if in stock. As far as changing the strap, you will need either a spring bar tool or a very small flat head screwdriver (one used for repairing eyeglasses will work just fine). All you need to do is remove the spring bar to swap the straps out and put in adapters. The tricky part is putting the spring bars back in. Be patient and you'll eventually get it.

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