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    Confused G-shock HELP!

    hey guys i recently won a In4mation x G-Shock Purple rain on Ebay but i havent paid for it yet. if i do pay for it then it would be my first g shock but some members here suggested me to get a Riseman GW9200 (which i think is really cool) but i dont know which one is the metric one or the Imperial one, since i live in the U.S. with that said i checked pics of the riseman but i thought about how about buying a more black g shock. anyone suggest a "stealthier" g shock?
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    Re: G-shock HELP!

    If you bid and won, then you are obligated to pay. G's are inexpensive enough that you can get many over time.

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    Re: G-shock HELP!

    Yes you must pay if you have won it. It seems like a really cool watch so I think you should get it!

    If you then regret buying it just flip it here at WUS sales forum. Sure perhaps you will make some loss on it but atleast not to much and you will be able to buy the Riseman instead. But I have a feeling that you will probably like that purple one and will not regrett it but that is just my guess hehe

    Regarding the Riseman yes that would be a really suitable next purchase!

    The Japanese metric only versions have a Flying squirrel symbol at the backplate and the US/European versions with impreial units have a Firedragon on the caseback.

    That is the easiest way to separate them!

    When buying a Riseman and you want the atomic version make sure you buy a Riseman with the GW- prefix in the modelnumber, the G- version are solar only but lacks the 6 band atomic sync capability.
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