G-Shock Mini GMN-691-1AJF - Negative Display

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    G-Shock Mini GMN-691-1AJF - Negative Display

    I bought a black G-Shock Mini for my nephew and did not realize how seriously its negative display affected visibility. Now I have some reservations whether I should give it to him or return it back.

    Could you, guys, let me know about your experiences with this watch? Do your kids like negative displays? Also, the backlight isn't that bright. Is it supposed to be this way?

    Please help me.

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    Re: G-Shock Mini GMN-691-1AJF - Negative Display

    Negative displays seem to be a personal preference. Some people love them for their aesthetic look and have no problem with a slight downgrade in visibility, while others don't think the snazzy good looks out-weigh what could be considered lowered functionality. I personally was slightly bothered by the negative display at first, but have quickly adapted to it. Doesn't bother me at all any more because I've noticed that I've always been able to tell the time whenever needed without any difficulty. Depending on the age of your nephew, my experience is the younger generation is more concerned with looks first, function second, pretty much in all matters of life which may change as they get older, but I digress. There are a BUNCH of threads here where people have discussed this ad nauseum. If you go to the "advanced" search feature at the top of the page and enter "negative display" to be searched in "titles only", they should pop right up and you can sift through many opinions and insights into the matter.

    Best of luck!
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    Re: G-Shock Mini GMN-691-1AJF - Negative Display

    suggest op posts pics of watch

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