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Thread: G-Shock month

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    G-Shock month


    I purchased more than year ago my GW-M5610BC-1ER and I never took it off from my wrist. Ofcourse I got hooked on few of the watch blogs and found an automatic watch.
    I had to get that watch and I did. Somehow that automatic watch started to be more and more on my wrist than the G-Shock or A168-W. I had Casio's once in a while on my wrist and it made me feel quite sharp compared to what it was with the automatic, but the feeling of having an automatic watch on wrist, it's hooking.

    During the autumn I saw a Worn & Wound blogging about keeping F-91W for a month. When november was turning to december, I decided to wear only my G-Shock for a month.
    Now the month is almost completed and I have only kept G-Shock on my wrist, almost 24/7. I would like to summarize some feelings about this month.

    I have been really really sharp and exact.
    I have felt enjoyment when I check my watch in the morning and I notice RCVD text.
    I have tried to pick up more clothes that fits with the G-Shock.
    I have noticed how negative display has it's cons like when I drive car and it's dark. That's the only moment when I miss C3 Superluminova
    I have DW-5030C coming in mail (probably tomorrow able to pick it from post office).
    I made a deal about GW-M5610-1ER.
    And no hustle like with watch that drags behind atleast five minutes a week.

    All in all I have had a great december and I think I'll extend this to january.
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    Re: G-Shock month

    Thanks for sharing. Quite interesting read.

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    Re: G-Shock month

    Those're some symptoms of G-Shock infection and poisoning... :D
    Most people started with a dormant asymptomatic infection, but once it awaken it's only way to eradicate is to buy large dose of Gs :D:D
    Next symptom you'll encounter next most probably that you'll get more and more Gs that you'll mostly forget your automatics.. :p :D

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    Re: G-Shock month

    I have both G's and automatics. Each type has a different feel and "feeding requirements."

    "Embrace diversity."
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    Re: G-Shock month

    I've noticed that it's getting harder to wear other watches daily.

    For example, I decide one morning that I'll wear my Sinn 556, an automatic, which is comfortable and versatile on the wrist.

    The moment I decide to leave the house, I see my GW-5000 lying near my keys. And I switch watches immediately. In that respect, my G-shock's like an old comfortable pair of shoes.

    I wear my GW-5000 everywhere; I enjoy it for its retro look and functionality. Unlike my Sinn, I don't have to worry about knocking it against random surfaces.

    Don't hit me -- I know some folks in here might cringe -- but sometimes out of sheer boredom, I drop my G-shock to the floor and smile when I see that it's unharmed (I only do this to my G-shocks; I baby my other watches ).

    A sturdy, quality digital watch represents convenience, and a G-shock, with its variety of styles and sizes, makes wardrobe customization options nearly endless in possibilities.

    That said, I often wear automatics to work, but if I'm just lazing about at home or running errands, a G-shock's almost always on my wrist.

    I don't think I'll ever stop appreciating fine mechanical watches, but I've certainly gained a newfound appreciation for these reliable digital watches.
    Currently obsessing over whether to get a Rangeman or Frogman.
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    Re: G-Shock month

    One year has passed since I started this one month experiment.
    After the first month, instead of one G-Shock, I had three of them. Next month I had 4.

    Honestly I have not wore other watches more than ten times during the year. Mostly for birthday parties I have used automatic around my wrist.
    Mainly becouse I can't use them if the date is wrong and so it requires more manual intervention than G-Shocks and the lack of CDT with a beep.

    Here's a nice recap of my collection after a year. Let this be a warning to all newcomers what it is like to enter this wicked world of G's.

    Name:  1year_with_gshocks.jpg
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