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    G-shock parts compatibility

    Hello everybody,

    As, during the cleaning of my DW-5600C, I lost the four E-rings that retain the buttons and the opposite rings (those in contact with the tiny springs), I would like to know if the E-rings and rings that can be found on the DW-6100 are compatible with the DW-5600C buttons ?

    I have found a cheap unworking one for sale and maybe it could be a good organ donor.

    If not, does any of you have an idea on the way two find those parts somewhere in Europe ? Casio support here in France doesn't sell parts to private people.


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    Re: G-shock parts compatibility

    If you mean the circlips, then I think maybe the circlips could be found somewhere that sells such parts such as here: http://www.circlips.net/ , if they are not available from a Casio parts retailer such as: http://www.americanperfit.com/parts/parts.htm , or, http://www.pacparts.com/ , or, http://www.casio.com/support/buyparts/ , or, http://www.casiosalesandservice.com/ . Likewise with the o-rings; try an o-ring dealer such as: http://allorings.com/ , or some other o-ring dealer, or use Google, if the above Casio parts houses cannot help you. Also try watch makers/repair shops who often have thousands of watch parts laying around from past jobs. As a last resort you might try Otto Frei: http://www.ofrei.com/index.html . As stated, start using Google also.

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