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    Question G-Shock Preservation & Restoration

    I have noticed that many guys plan ahead by preemptively buying replacement resin parts before they become necessary.

    How many sets of replacement bezels/straps do you buy for future usage? Just one set? Or more than one set?

    In addition to resin bezels and resin straps, what other repacement parts do you purchase for safekeeping?

    What preventive maintenance techniques do you suggest?

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    Re: G-Shock Preservation & Restoration

    I buy bezels, straps, bezel screws and gaskets. Usually 1 set of screws, 3 gaskets, 3 bezels and 3 straps. This is for screwbacks only. I don't bother with spares for the plastic cased models. I kind of view them as disposable watches.

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    Re: G-Shock Preservation & Restoration

    i've only been recently addicted to g shocks but i can tell you that i don't really plan on getting spares at this time.

    obviously, we i get more g shocks, i'd probably get an extra strap or two. as far as i know, i'll probably be doing my own battery changes. so most definitely batteries. but only when the current one(s) have run out.

    and i guess for limited edition models, some which i plan to get, i do want to keep them in good shape and probably not going to wear them say day to day. so these models, i'll be extra careful with and will definitely get replacement accessories for these types of watches.

    i'm currently looking for a good g shock that i can wear day to day without worrying about scratching them up.
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    Re: G-Shock Preservation & Restoration

    I used to buy spare straps for every G-Shock, until it dawned on me that I had never kept one long enough for the original strap to break...
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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    Re: G-Shock Preservation & Restoration

    Quote Originally Posted by tribe125 View Post
    I used to buy spare straps for every G-Shock, until it dawned on me that I had never kept one long enough for the original strap to break...
    However, that could be a great additional selling point when flipping the watch. e.g. Worn a total of 3 weeks over a 6 month time period. Brand new bezel and strap included.

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