G Shock for running (Ironman user)

Thread: G Shock for running (Ironman user)

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    G Shock for running (Ironman user)

    I've been a loyal Timex Ironman user for some time; I'm now looking for a G Shock atomic/solar watch for running. Ive seen a few threads here on this, and one remaining question is whether any of the G Shock atomic/solar watches have lap timers. They all seem to have stopwatches, but for those of us who run indoors during the winter, at least during the worst weather, it's handy to be able to keep track of the laps.


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    Re: G Shock for running (Ironman user)

    G-7700/7710. But no atomic and solar.

    I started a thread on this recently. You might want to do a search.

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    Re: G Shock for running (Ironman user)

    Stick with Timex for running. I use my Trailrunner for running. With or without the GPS or HRM, it's a great running watch; I'd never use a G. Timex has it down for running, IMO.

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    Re: G Shock for running (Ironman user)

    same response here....i run a fair bit but nvr thot of donning a g-shock. i always have my timex ironman with me. i guess it is for practical reasons as the timex is light and functional, i.e. the way u work the stopwatch. it is more intuitive.

    if i dun feel like a timex for my runs, i use my son's $10 casio watch. again it is becos it is light. i guess comfy is very impt to me. the slimmest of g-shocks i have is still too chunky for my wrist's comfort during runs...

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    Re: G Shock for running (Ironman user)

    lately, i have been doing my runs on mostly trackmil, so i have been wearing my G-Shocks for my run with no problem :p

    but for anything that needs a lap counter, i will get with my old trusty Timex Ironman 8-lap shock resistant 200m.

    i think a G7000 G-Shock will do for a runner, but its still not "designed" for running (i think they are designed for motoring racing)

    Casio has another line of runner's watch, i guess they are just trying not to steal customer from their line of runner's watch by making a runner's G-Shock

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