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    Lightbulb G Shock T shirts?

    Hi- haveing looked at the thread with all the different Characters on the back of G's (Moles and Flying Foxwa etc) I was wondering if there have ever been any T's with these logos on.

    I would definately buy- what do you think?

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    Re: G Shock T shirts?

    I'm past the stage where a screen print can persuade me to buy a t-shirt. I'm more concerned with fit and comfort than what's on the front. I have some great Ts which I never wear 'cos they just don't fit or feel nice.

    However, show me a 100% cotton T in Superdry fitted style with a flying squirrel on, in dark slate blue, and I'll be all over it

    Sorry, I don't think I'm an easy sell
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    Re: G Shock T shirts?

    I think a free t-shirt with some of the upper end G's would be better offer on the part of Casio.

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