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    G-Shock with tides

    Evening all,

    I've been looking around for a G-Shock that has tide/moon data.

    Thus far I've seen the Gulfman 9100-1ER (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Casio-G-Shoc.../dp/B000VE26L6)

    and the 7900-1ER (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Casio-G-7900...d_cp_watches_1)

    So, a few questions:
    Are there any I've overlooked?
    If not which is better?
    Which is better value?
    Further to the last, are there any other differences between the two?

    Just as an added difficulty, I live in the UK, and a fairly remote part of it at that, and as such I can't see them in the steel; so how do they wear? As an indication I've got an Omega Planet Ocean 42mm and a Seamaster 41mm, which I think are fairly ideal size. I could go a bit larger, but not much.

    Over to your superior knowledge,


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    Re: G-Shock with tides

    There is a new Gulfman coming out. the GW-9110. atomic, tide, moon, etc. the newer gulfmen wear nice. not too big. titanium so light. it's a thought. ( I prefer the old school dw-9700 gulfman, but those are harder to source and bezel/bands are near impossible)


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    Re: G-Shock with tides

    I've got the blue version of the Gulfman you posted.

    It is my gym watch, my beater,and really my everyday watch most days. I probably wear it on average 4-5 days a week.

    It's reasonably good looking IMO, and big, but not so big it is obviously oversized on my 7.1-7.25 inch wrist (unlike the Frogman which looks HUGE!). Being a digital watch with a resin bezel and srap, and Ti caseback, it is incredibly light. It is thick and sits quite high, and doesn't fit under the cuffs of many of my shirts. I like this, becasue I like it to be visible, but you may not.

    It would be supremely comfortable if it had a softer strap (like the Riseman), but the strap is quite thick and stiff, and vented, as is the case with many dive watches.

    The turtle scrubbing his back on the caseback is very very cool IMO.

    Functionally, the module is generally sufficient for my everday use. I mainly use the CDT and stopwatch. It has world time, so it is not a bad travel watch. As you know it has a tide graph, and moon phase. I'venever used these, and I don't know how accurate they are, but I think they add interest to the dial.

    I wish mine had solar. I bought it at an AD here in Adelaide when I was drunk - I wanted G-Shocks for me and my fiance - so I paid too much and didn't care that it lacked solar. If I buy another one it will definitely be solar.

    The other annoying thing about the watch is the EL backlight. It stays on for exactly 3 nanoseconds. The EL duration cannot be adjusted, either (as far as I know). This means that in darkness you can read the time, but you can't really adjust the CDT. A real b1tch in the sauna, and the only downside for use as a gym watch.

    On the plus side, the two-colour EL (orange border around blue) looks awesome.

    On the whole, the Gulfman is a good watch, and I'd recommend it. It's not relaly in high demand, it's not really appreciated, and so they are really cheap on the Bay. And because it isn't a really cool G, I don't baby it at all. It really is a great beater.

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    Re: G-Shock with tides


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    Re: G-Shock with tides

    The GLX5600 series has the tide and moon display, too. Because 42 mm or so is about as big as I can go, too, I tend to prefer the square Gs, which are smaller than most.

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    Re: G-Shock with tides

    I'm going to be the only post that mentions a GL-7200A so here goes.

    It's a 1995 model that came in 4 colors, grey, olive, black and navy. It's solar (not atomic) and has a moon/tide graph. It also has some fairly chunky digits for a G and is one of my favorite models. Much harder to find nowadays but IMHO worth the search. Very comfortable on the wrist and easily readable.
    I have 3, and olive, a gray and a black and of those the olive and gray get the most wrist time.
    Here is a factory pic and one I took comparing it to a babyG and a Frogman, since it gets lots of complaints of being too small. It's a bit smaller than a 6900.
    Cheers and good luck with your hunt!

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    Re: G-Shock with tides

    i love the G7900/GW7900 but it is a huge watch

    another option is the GLX-5500 and GLX-5600

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    Re: G-Shock with tides

    Had G-9100 and now GW-7900.

    Found that lunitidal interval is easier to set on GW-7900 (GW-9110) than G-9100 (G-7900).

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    Re: G-Shock with tides

    paw/ prw 1500 has moon and tides

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    Re: G-Shock with tides

    Here my "de-shined" GLX-5600.
    This one and also the GLX-5500s are rather flat.
    The 5500 has a larger footprint an a broader strap.
    The GLX-5600 ist the smallest wearing tide graph model im aware of.

    The 7900 and the 9100 are rather thick, the 7900 is a very large model.

    There is also the GL-7500 with a tide graph.

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