G-Shopping in Bangkok, MTG-B1000RB-2A sighting
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Thread: G-Shopping in Bangkok, MTG-B1000RB-2A sighting

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    During my vacation in Thailand of course a little G-Shock shopping was in order, and I’m happy to share my impressions with you.

    There is a branded G-Shock booth or store in every major shopping mall in Bangkok, but one particular extra large and nicely decorated booth at Bangkok‘s Siam Paragon mall caught my attention. It’s part of the “Watch Expo” that should spur sales in July and August. Additionally to the timepieces, they had various displays, explaining the tech of the newer MTG and Carbon Core watches.

    Yet, the highlight for me were two rainbow-colored MTG-B1000RB-2A on display. Two out of 40 available for sale here, according to the staff. And boy, do they look awesome in real life!

    The rest was standard fare. In all these G-Shock stores you’ll find merely the actual models. No older or rare G-Shocks. They can probably be found at other watch dealers, but I didn’t even see many genuine G-Shocks in Bangkok’s vast other markets. Maybe fellow forum members from Thailand can chime in if there are elegant ways to get ahold of the unusual stuff.

    I got the impression that the G-Shock retail business is firmly in the hand of Casio Thailand, respectively one single retailer, “Central Marketing Group”. This sales monopoly shows in the same price tags and discounts everywhere (on selected items 15%, pink sticker or 30%, blue sticker). Well, to me the prices looked quite prohibitive: even after a 15-20% discount you’ll be better off to buy a G-Shock at MSRP in Europe.

    So, did I buy the rainbow-colored MTG? I certainly was smitten but no. I couldn’t justify the price tag: MSRP here is 45.000 Baht (=1.300€, 1,450$), and even after a 20% discount the watch would cost a staggering 36,000 Baht (=1.050€, 1,165$), which is still more than MSRP in Europe! Quite stunning in a country that is categorized as “emerging market economy”...

    My conclusion: even if most G-Shocks are made in Thailand these days, buying them here is not a good option. Other than that, Thailand is a beautiful country with very friendly people and well worth a visit!

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    Unfortunately, the plane wasn’t for sale...

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    Re: G-Shopping in Bangkok, MTG-B1000RB-2A sighting

    Really nice booth! Those prices are up there. With internet shopping what it is I couldn't justify spending 50% more just to buy it in a store.
    That flame ano piece is a bit much for my taste and reminds me of this guy.
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    Re: G-Shopping in Bangkok, MTG-B1000RB-2A sighting

    Thank you for sharing!

    Yes, there a re no bargains to be made in this malls.
    I wonder if there is a used market in Thailand since Gs seem to be very popular there.
    I didnt come across a used watches dealer there, though.
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    I used their services since 2009 so the most of my old threads have Photobucket pics inside.
    If you stumble across one of those threads and want to see the pic, PM me and i will re-attach it.
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    Re: G-Shopping in Bangkok, MTG-B1000RB-2A sighting

    Nice pics

    I am sure Thailand is a gorgeous country. The Land Of Smiles as it is called.

    What is telling is that despite a lot of G-Shocks being made there there is only a sign stating that those MTG watches are Made In Japan.

    If This was the USA and G-Shocks (that are made in Thailand) were made here, there would signs all around stating they were proudly made in the USA

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