Is this G too big?
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Thread: Is this G too big?

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    Is this G too big?

    Just kidding. Fine for me a little big on my 5 year old.
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    Re: Is this G too big?

    Quote Originally Posted by dlavi View Post

    Just kidding. Fine for me a little big on my 5 year old.
    She will grow right into it.
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    Re: Is this G too big?

    She wears it very well Shaggy!

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    Re: Is this G too big?


    edit: just noticed she has it upside down too. typical drunk gshock wearer lol
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    Re: Is this G too big?

    I know this is a watch forum.....but that kid is way cooler than the watch!
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    Re: Is this G too big?

    I think it's not big enough.
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    Re: Is this G too big?


    I think you may have "lost" that watch to another.
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