Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?
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Thread: Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

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    Question Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

    This is like the kiss, kill, marry game

    1. So which among your collection of G's would you keep for life? Why? (Pick only 1 and it should be An actual g-shock you own)

    2. which would you throw/discard/kill? Why? (Just 1 watch you currently own, this is just pretend, so bargain hunters, NO pm's asking for prices lol)

    3. which would you borrow? Why? (A G-shock you dont own, you just want to try it but with no intention of keeping/buying/owning one even if you have a bajillion dollars, also... just 1 pick)

    for me, its actually easy since i dont own that many g's

    1. Keep... dw5030d. its love at first site when i first got my hands on this watch, bought it online without even seeing an actual one, but totally exceeded my expectations when i got it.

    2. Sell... g-7800. I find the straps really uncomfortable, plus its kinda fugly imho.

    3. Borrow... a "d" frogman, i always wanted to see/wear an actual "d" froggy to understand what makes it special, but i dont have any intentions of owning one.

    ...pics would be appreciated

    1. Keep

    2. Discard

    3. Borrow

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    Re: Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

    Keep - My Gulfmaster v1
    Discard - none
    Borrow - Gulfmaster v2 Marine
    Attached Images Attached Images


    2017 CASIO G SHOCK GWN 1000H 9AJF
    2017 CASIO G SHOCK GWG 1000DC 1A5JF
    2017 CASIO G SHOCK GWF D1000NV 2JF
    2017 CASIO G SHOCK GW 9300DC
    2017 CASIO EDIFICE EF 305 1AV

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    Re: Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

    I only have 2 G's now, so this is rather easy. I'd keep my GA-100 Dark Knight, just because I like the look and it's super comfy(especially on a Zulu). I'd kill my GD-X6900 in gray camo, because I never wear it. I'd borrow a Mudmaster, just to see what all the fuss is about.
    Encourage someone. The world has enough critics.

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    Re: Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

    Keep for life? if any at all, that would be the G-800BD
    Discard, kill? narurally all my others ~ 40 or so
    Borrow? maybe a GW-9400 the only model that I find halfway interesting and is not in my possesion.

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    Re: Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

    Cool idea for a thread, kcohS-G!! I like it.

    Keep: MRG-G1000B
    Why: Duh! Because I love everything about the watch. (well....except for the pitiful 24 min. stopwatch, and the 24-hr WT sub-dial - but I can overlook that) Style, tech, materials/craftsmanship, size, and overall look. The titanium is a huge attraction to me on this watch. It is soooooo much lighter than you'd expect, for the way it looks. The hardened titanium with the DLC coating also gives it high resistance to scratching, which is great.

    Kill! -- W217H-1A.
    Why? To see how much abuse it can take. Actually, my first plan for this watch is to hydro-mod it. If I screw it up, no big deal...

    Borrow: GWN-Q1000MB-1AJF
    Why? I LOVE the looks of this watch!!! The GWN-Q1000 also has perhaps my FAVORITE module of any G that I've ever had!!! It has everything - to include an upgraded compass and Baro! The only thing it doesn't have is reliability. I would never BUY another GWN-Q1000 because of the hour hand problem... I'd gladly BORROW one, long-term -- then return it when it breaks! Very sad that Casio did not handle this 'hour hand problem' differently. If I knew I could trust the watch to be defect-free, I would no doubt have a stable of the GWN-Q1000s by now...

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    Re: Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

    Keep - GWG-1000-1. The best watch I have ever have.

    Name:  GWG A 92.jpg
Views: 257
Size:  347.2 KB

    Sell - I have only two watches, so it has to be GXW-56-1B

    Name:  King 07.jpg
Views: 256
Size:  317.2 KB

    Borrow - four very different watches:

    Cheers, Piowa

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    Re: Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

    Keep- My G7800. Strap is comfortable, module is awesome, and it's beautiful
    Discard- My spare G8000, besides the resin color it's identical to my other G8000
    Borrow, (then disappear into the witness protection program)-
    Name:  P16_P17_MRG-G1000HT.jpg
Views: 250
Size:  51.6 KB

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    Re: Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

    Good, cheaper in black color

    Aborted, a Lego watch, great core inside a plastic box, nose around the crown is too flexible
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    The best Casio G-Shock is the next one...

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    Re: Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

    keep: all

    i quit.
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    the benevolent caretaker of a halfway house for recovering G-Shocks.
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    And the grand rehabilitator strikes again.

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    Re: Which G would you keep? Discard? borrow?

    Don't let this guy fool you, he is taking notes (names and watch models), and waiting for you to dump your unwanted watches on FleaBay

    Quote Originally Posted by Steelerswit View Post
    keep: all

    i quit.
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    Luminox 1881.BO Field Chrono
    G-Shock GPW-1000T-1A (The BEAST)
    G-Shock GD-350-1BER
    (2) G-Shock GXW-56BB-1JF (The KING - I own 2 because everyone should own at least two...LOL)
    G-Shock GW-9300GB-1JF (Mudman)
    G-Shock GD-350-1C (Custom - Black Bezel)
    G-Shock GWX-5600C-7JF (G-LIDE)
    G-Shock GW-5000-1JF
    G-Shock GD-X6900-1CR
    G-Shock GW-9300DC-1CR (Mudman - Custom - Black Bezel Screws/Strap Screws/Strap keeper/Buckle)
    G-Shock G
    W-M5610-1BJF (I want to enter this one in for a honorary COSC rating, its running about .75 seconds fast per month!)
    G-Shock GB-5600B-1JF
    G-Shock GD-X6900MC-1
    Lum-Tec COMBAT B24 Carbon (Miyota 9015 Japan Automatic Movement)
    Lum-Tec COMBAT B35 Auto (STP 1-11 Swiss Automatic Movement)

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