G011 series - only one version still made?

Thread: G011 series - only one version still made?

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    G011 series - only one version still made?


    I was on the Casio.com site today and only saw one G011.
    G011D-2B - G-Shock - Timepiece - Products - CASIO

    There used to be quite a variety of colours and versions - but now no longer. Is the G011 being fazed out?

    If anyone has one, would you mind taking a pic of it next to a square G like the 5600 series so I could get an idea of its relative size.

    I initially thought the G011's were was too bulky (and slightly bizarrly squarish) when it came out - now I think it looks cool - it has a sort of "Gattaca" (ie futuristic) look. Downside is it has only a 60min stopwatch and CDT.

    Pic is from Casio website.
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