Hi guys how are you doing ?
Thanks guys for putting up with me and my question for the last week also, I took all your advice and decided not to buy the Rayman MIS, but I'm still looking for a G. So far I tried to track down a GL-7210RF, but was told that this watch was only sold in Japan for a short time only in '04'. So far I narrow it down to these:
1) G313MS (limited M-spec with bullet proof brand)
2) G315RC (limited camo Green)
3) G314RC (limited camo desert colour)
4) G-800D
I really don't know which one to go for as this would be my first round dial G. Does anyone here have/had one and could tell me a little bit about each one like there, sizes how big is it when compare to a DW-5600,what M-spec stand for would that be Military-spec. What does the numbers on the band mean. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.