G7900 Rescue is Mine
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Thread: G7900 Rescue is Mine

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    G7900 Rescue is Mine

    Received my G-Shock G7900 all Black yesterday, first thoughts- watch is big and well build, the display is eligible but not as bright as the GD350 All Black maybe purposely to gel with the all black theme. Received it from Rakuten, packing was very good and overall buying experience is also good. Overall am very happy with this the G7900 that joins my collection :)
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    Re: G7900 Rescue is Mine


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    Re: G7900 Rescue is Mine

    Impressive. That is a watch made on March 22nd of 2015 based on the solar code on the back.
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    Re: G7900 Rescue is Mine

    Congrats on the good looking watch.

    By the way, that's a GW7900. Is is possible to correct the thread title?
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    G7900 Rescue is Mine

    Great find Like it very much. Congrats & enjoy

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