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    G9000 or the G2300

    I will admit it I am a noob to this forum (great place though) I currently have a PAG80 Pathfinder and like it alot but the extras (compass, baro, alti, etc) don't seem to be that exact. So I am looking at getting a new G-Shock. I really like the classic look of these 2 models, but would like some input from the wisdom on this site. Pro's and Con's to those models or recommend a different model.

    Other than the solar feature is there really any difference?

    Is the solar all it is built up to be?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your response. Thank you

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    Re: G9000 or the G2300

    G-2300 hands down, without even think about it. the G-9000 mudman is a good watch, with nice features but it just can't old up with the G-2300/2310.

    the ML2016 solar battery is a huge advantage on the G-2300, so is the countdown timer which can be set to the second. it also shows time, day, date and year all at once while the G-9000 does not. I personally also dislike the stiff buttons on the mudman, I know they serve a purpose, but as far as I'm concerned the G-2300 is as mudproof as well. for me the G-2300 is the best G-shock made to date, I would not trade it for any other watch when it comes down to a pure beating up watch designed for hardest duties.

    but to be fair, there are two advantages the G-9000 offers over the G-2300:

    1. the legibility of the display and digits is WAY better (much clearer)

    2. the watch shows current time in countdown mode (not of much interest for me, but maybe others)

    regards, holger
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    Re: G9000 or the G2300

    That's a tough choice. I personally consider these two models to be the toughest of the G-Shock line. I don't think that you can go wrong with either model. If the G-2300 weren't a Tough Solar, I would probably lean toward the Mudman. But the G-2300's solar system truly is all that and a bag of chips.

    Heck. Just get whichever one you like the looks of.

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    Re: G9000 or the G2300

    I picked up a 2300 with the nylon strap because I caught for a good price at the local Target store.
    But it's quickly become my work horse watch. Amazingly I find myself using the telememo function quite often.

    Just wish you could see the time in stopwatch or countdown mode.
    I have the PAG80 also, and one of the things I really like about it.

    Still going to get me a mudman though. Just to "round out" my collection.

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    Re: G9000 or the G2300

    Can't say about the 9000 since I don't own one but my 2300 is pretty much the G-Shock personified. It's my work watch (I'm a firefighter) and it's been through just about everything you can think of and a few things you don't want to think about
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    Re: G9000 or the G2300

    I'm going to play the "enabler" here and say get both .

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    Re: G9000 or the G2300

    One potential difference is that modern G-Shocks seem to be screwed together with a bit more consistency. I have seen 2300s where the day sits higher or lower in the window, or where the module is very slightly askew. I have never observed this on more recent models like the Mudman.

    These problems aren't common, but they exist. If you're buying over the counter, it's OK, but if you're buying over the internet you can't be entirely sure that you won't get a wonky one.
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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