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    GA-1000 Clicky button

    Hey Guys

    I've been a lurker here for the past couple months...spent way to much time at work looking at pics of G's, so thanks for that

    Anyway, I have a GA-1000 that has a MODE button that audibly clicks when pushed. This only happens when pushed a certain way...sort of with a bias towards 6.

    I did a little research and one post mentions that the bezel might have a lip on the inside of the button hole that is catching on the button. This sounds like it could be an easy fix, but I'm a complete noob when it comes to this sort of thing.

    I haven't take apart a G before, or removed a bezel from a G. So my questions are these:

    1. Is it a pain in the ass to remove the bezel from a GA-1000
    2. Will this void my warranty
    3. Has somebody here already done this, and could they post a pic or two to help.


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    Re: GA-1000 Clicky button


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    Re: GA-1000 Clicky button

    I have never been inside of a GA1000, but the other thing I have seen in other G's is the button actuators are just rods pushing in towards the module. And the module's interface is a piece of metal that bends out so when the button rod pushes in it causes the bent metal of the module to push in and complete a circuit. You can get clicking noises when the module is I slightly crooked and the rods from the buttons don't squarely engage with the bent metal on the module.

    My recommendation would be to pickup some silicone grease from a local store or Amazon. Remove the back of the watch... a very simple operation to do. And then push the buttons and see how the mechanism works. You will likely see any mechanical issues at that point. Do what you have to do to fix it... it might just involve slightly adjusting the module seating in the case. And then put a small amount of grease on the o-ring and seal it back up.

    To answer your questions:
    1. No need to remove the bezel... there are four screws on the back to remove the case back and get a look inside.
    2. Just be careful... Casio won't warrant you break. But they would be hard pressed to blame you if there is no sign of tampering in the module.
    3. I haven't done it on a GA1000. I have had module seating issues on a GW3000 and a GW5500. No pics of the operation.

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    Re: GA-1000 Clicky button

    Thanks for the advice and suggestions dpeete. I'll definitely give it a go.

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