GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode ? BOO-YA!
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Thread: GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode ? BOO-YA!

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    GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode • BOO-YA!

    Hello again WUS/G-Shock,

    I have prepared for you tonight a delicious unboxing of a 16 month vintage piece. This item was hand selected from an exclusive list by my personal importer in Japan (the internet). As such, the unboxing and subsequent documentation required a similarly tasteful location; Desire68's kitchen fit the bill nicely. Please enjoy our complementary dry Canadian wit, your waiter will be with you shortly.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________

    - has sent me a package.. interesting. I wonder what's inside:

    Name:  60.jpg
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    Hilarious azn 'zine cover? with a funny doodle? Excellent! HOW COULD IT GET ANY BETTER!?!?!?

    Name:  61.jpg
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    azn KitKat!! well that's a nice touch. wait, what's in that little pouch?

    Name:  62.jpg
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    you're kidding! hand written note and a business card w/family portrait... amazing.
    But Kitkats and letters aside, what else is in here?

    Name:  63.jpg
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    oh my,

    Name:  64.jpg
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    Name:  65.jpg
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    so far so good,

    Name:  68-1.jpg
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    seems legit,

    Name:  68.jpg
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Size:  153.7 KB

    * mental note, acquire more things in leather clam shell cases. *

    Name:  71.jpg
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    Name:  73.jpg
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    Name:  75.jpg
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    oh, hmm.. I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation... ಠ_ಠ


    Name:  76.jpg
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    ......Oh Yes.

    Name:  79-1.jpg
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    ...OH.... HHEEEEELLLLSSS YES! and thank you Ayanami, I agree.

    __________________________________________________ _______

    So, very happy camper here. Watch is near-as-makes-no-difference 'flawless' The missing tag issue is a bit of a let down, but the emails I've had back and fourth with Yohei have been excellent so far and I'm waiting with a low blood pressure to hear back from him. I have a good feeling that he'll come through.

    So now... somebody convince me to make this my daily wear.... (without telling my fiancée)
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    Re: GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode • BOO-YA!

    my all-time ultimate grail!! i envy, hate, and applaud you all at the same time!! if i had this, i would sell all other watches except this and a work beater.

    enjoy it, and remember those of us who suffer in jealousy!!!

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    Re: GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode • BOO-YA!

    Wow, that's a great unboxing with a very nice looking model. Congratulations on getting your grail watch!


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    Re: GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode • BOO-YA!

    This is the only 110 that I really like. Great story and photos!

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    Re: GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode • BOO-YA!

    congrats!!! that is a real nice color combo!!

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    Re: GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode • BOO-YA!

    D68 wasn't kidding that we'd be impressed by what you had coming in the mail.
    Awesome pick up man, even more awesome if you're planning on strutting around town with it. I know if I ever see anybody rocking one of these I will give the mandatory , and probably request a picture.

    Looking forward to seeing how hard the G bug continues to hit ya man.

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    So where's my water? :D

    Congrats! Looks beautiful!

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    Re: GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode • BOO-YA!

    Very nice. This was a really cool collaboration. It's too bad these didn't get a wider release. But I guess that makes these even more desirable to collectors.

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    Re: GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode • BOO-YA!

    Like Kung, this is the only 110 that I think looks good. Actually, it looks GREAT!!! I love this piece and congratulate you, sir, on acquiring such a BAD ASS G!!! WEAR it in good health, but not too much!!
    Hook 'Em!!

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    Re: GA-110PS Unboxing @ 68's Humble Abode • BOO-YA!

    I am not a fan of the GA110's but that is a sweet looking G shock I wouldnt mind owning one of those myself if they werent so expensive, i also like the purple GA-110EV-6AJR but even that one is not any where near as sweet looking as the one you have.

    Congratulations man and a great unboxing, good choice
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