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    GA150A-2A Review and Photos

    The GA150 series is probably my favorite line of G's due to its awesome lines and angles on the watch and the metallic colors and good size. I tried to post photos onto this post but there were some errors on the forum's part so here are the links to them:
    imgur: the simple image sharer
    imgur: the simple image sharer
    imgur: the simple image sharer

    The watch has the basic digital functions of all GShocks. The one small problem is when at low light, the hands may be hard to make out when they are over the lcd digital parts. After getting use to it the reading gets faster and it becomes less of a problem. I purchased it from Macy's during the friends and family sale. If anyone wants more pictures please reply to me and please ask any questions about it. I fully recommend the watch for sure seeing as it's the most popular GA150 presumably.
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