GA800-1A strap size... Big wrist OK?

Thread: GA800-1A strap size... Big wrist OK?

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    GA800-1A strap size... Big wrist OK?

    I run into problems getting an adequately long strap... Not a huge wrist, but at 8/14-8 3/8" depending on time of day/heat, I have noticed G-Shock straps are a lot shorter over the years... My DW-5700 bought new in 1988 has 4 holes left on its orig band when worn, my new DW-5735D has only two holes left, so I wonder if the strap on this GA-800 will fit at all, let alone have enough left-over to retain properly.

    The watch:

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    Can anyone confirm with actual use, that this watch will nicely fit a wrist of my size?... If so, any/how many holes are left? Thank you.

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    Re: GA800-1A strap size... Big wrist OK?

    not sure what bands youve been looking at but theyve been standard for their respective models for a long time. sure thered be some discrepancies between a discontinued one from the 80s and its modern day equivalent but generally theyre all the same now. smaller models like the 5600/5700/6900 all have slightly shorter bands but the rest of the lower end models all have similar length, which is slightly longer and probably more like your original 5700. my wife has a ga800sc so i can do a comparo when i get home tonight.

    also what is your version of a huge wrist if yours isnt?? haha
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