GD-100 rollout & brighter LED push to other models

Thread: GD-100 rollout & brighter LED push to other models

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    Question GD-100 rollout & brighter LED push to other models

    g'day guys,

    I've been trolling the net looking for further information on the GD-100 with the brilliantly bright LED backlight. (Casio Releases G-SHOCK with High Brightness LED Backlighting - 2010 - News - CASIO)

    I am wondering when this will be released, and in particular, when the Gulfman will get the new backlight?

    The above link tells us that its released, but i cannot find it on the Casio website, and I also have no idea if they will be releasing it to their other models!
    The site, also says there are new g-shocks coming out but they dont say if they come with the new bright backlight.

    Do any of you know, or have any thoughts on this? I want a Gulfman, but I want one with the better backlight as presented on the GD-100. Not what it currently comes with.

    Thoughts most welcome on this topic!



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    Re: GD-100 rollout & brighter LED push to other models

    I see the more bright backlight as a marketing thing.
    Even the poorest backlight on the solar models is able to show the time in the dark when your eyes are used to low light.

    So the backlight of the standard G-9100 gulfman is already somewhat overkill, the dual illuminator is wasting energy on illumination of the dial....

    Its a pure design choice.
    If you like the bright illumination, dont hesitate!

    I guess you will end up with buying both watches.

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    Re: GD-100 rollout & brighter LED push to other models

    great info indeed!

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    Re: GD-100 rollout & brighter LED push to other models

    I agreee with d2mac - the brighter backlight is unnecessary - even might be not a good idea in situations when your eyes need to be adjusted to low light and then you 'blind' yourself by reading time with the 'ultra brite LED backlight'. Besides - I think EL looks nicer. On the other hand LEDs last longer.
    I like the LED backlight on the AE-1000W however - but it's far from 'bright' - just right to read the time in the dark:

    In complete darkness it looks slightly brighter than on this picture. The module of the new GD-100 seems to be based on the AE-1000W/2000W btw - the functions are almost identical.

    Greetings, Sedi

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