GD350-1b STN display?
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Thread: GD350-1b STN display?

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    GD350-1b STN display?

    I own the GD350-1b (2 actually but that's another story). The negative display is totally readable in even the lowest light and my eyes are 52 years old. Anyway, for the life of me I cant get the screen to do the 8888 thing, at any angle. The time is readable even at the sharpest angles, could it be an STN display? Thoughts?

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    Re: GD350-1b STN display?

    If not, is STN just a gimmick?

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    I'm not sure about STN, but the LCD really is a beauty on that model. This one and the GB5600 both have amazing viewing angles.

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    Re: GD350-1b STN display?

    The following features will always improve negative display visibility:
    1. Reduced distance from glass aperture to rear reflector (non-Solar displays have this advantage, because the solar adds distance between the rear reflector and the front glass aperture)
    2. Side illumination (LED, incandescent, etc.) EL illumination drastically reduces negative display visibility
    3. No colors or tints on the frontside.
    4. Large characters / numerals.

    the GD350-1b has all of the above.

    Unsurprisingly, the GD350 positive display model has an incredibly clear display.

    Note also that higher display current / voltage operation, along with supporting liquid crystal construction / chemistry can make a big difference in display contrast through polarization efficiency. Some ultra-low power LCDs have correspondingly low contrast displays. This is seen in practice: most of CASIO's CR2032 watches have comparably high contrast (like the GD-X6900 and GD-350 - edit: and the GB-5600B).
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    Re: GD350-1b STN display?

    def. not stn on the 350 but i do wonder just how much difference it really makes. theyre mostly on protreks (actually cant think off the top of my head, of any on g's other than the new squares) which already have good displays in +ve and negs.
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