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Thread: GD400HUF-1 Help

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    GD400HUF-1 Help

    I've been on the fence on this one, tried one on at the local shop and liked the looks as we'll as the ones shown here, but the limited functions compared to other G's put me off. Since it's a limited edition G maybe I should view it differently? Curious and appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.

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    Re: GD400HUF-1 Help

    Personally, since you've tried it on in person, I say just go with whatever your gut feeling is. I picked one up and I am pleased with it, but I was on the fence as well. But then when I was able to get one on Ebay below retail I decided to snatch it up. My collection consists mostly of the Master series as well as some analogs (and customs of course) so I know where you're coming from. Whether its worth it simply because its a limited edition, only time will tell. Its hard to predict which models will become highly sought after, many times it happens to standard G's simply because of a discontinued colorway. For me, I will say that I only bought this one because I like it. I was intrigued by the GD-400 model and this was the version that struck me the most. Whether it will stick or whether it will get pushed aside in favor of my higher end G's, I honestly am not sure yet.

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    Re: GD400HUF-1 Help

    Quote Originally Posted by OkiFrog View Post
    ...but the limited functions compared to other G's put me off.
    What "limited functions," or which ones is it missing that you want?

    It's not solar/atomic, but it has more functions than a lot of older models. 24 hour stopwatch, 24 hour countdown timer (that's programmable to the second), 48 city world time (and 31 time zones), FIVE alarms, and "multi time" that's easily toggle-able between 4 different cities. Automatic "tilt light," selectable illumination duration (1.5 or 3 seconds), "flash alert" like some older G's, "button mute" like some newer models, and a low battery warning. (Make sure to click the "Tech Specs" tab at GD400HUF-1 - Limited - Mens Watches | Casio - G-Shock )
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    Re: GD400HUF-1 Help

    since when we wear Gshock for its functions alone ? if you like it, then buy it, i don't care much about collab.HUF or BUF or whatever it is
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