GLX5600/G5600-E Bezel and Strap swap
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Thread: GLX5600/G5600-E Bezel and Strap swap

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    GLX5600/G5600-E Bezel and Strap swap

    Hi all,
    First time post on this forum, been reading for a while and have found G-Shock fans very enthusiastic and
    very interesting people :) I particularly like the way modding is regarded here.

    Anyway I wanted a classic G-Shock 5600 form factor and ended up choosing the GLX5600.
    It is a very nice piece, extremely easy to read display and good selection of functions.

    The things I particularly like about it are:

    It uses 3 letters for the day abbreviation, rather than two,
    Alarms can be set to date and month,
    World time offset makes it very easy to change zones and see time in another city and
    The battery duration of 7yrs (even if it only gets 5 thats pretty good).

    The things I don't particularly like are:

    Only two alarms plus the snooze alarm (would have been nice to have 4 plus snooze) and
    The polish finish on the bezel and band.

    Okay now I know the polish finish is one of the unique things about the GLX5600 and I think it is a good look,
    just not the look for me :)

    So inpired by the many mods done by G-Shock enthusiasts, I started to do some research about band and bezel swaps.

    First I considered buying a bezel and band from the web and fitting it but that would have taken a while and the cost would have been almost half the price of simply buying another G-Shock with suitable bezel and strap.

    The post from Sedi on this thread made me consider the GW-M5600
    or GLS-5600 but they were difficult to source at short notice.

    After checking the dimensions of the G5600-E from the Casio site, I found they matched the GLX5600 (46.7 X 43.2 X 12.7 mm) which sounded promising.

    As I was also looking at getting a friend a G-Shock and he likes solar powered watches it seemed like a win win solution (he would prefer the polish finish to mat).

    So I bought the G5600-E and proceeded with the swap, it went smoothly with no alterations required.

    Thanks to Sedi for the help and the others on the forum whose interesting posts inspired this.

    Here are the pics :)
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: GLX5600/G5600-E Bezel and Strap swap

    ha, nice work. I happen to really really like the shiny look to my GLX, it gives it sort of a wet neoprene look and makes it even "blacker" than other watches, but I understand if people wouln't like it. Plus, now you have back up parts if the thing gets all scratched up. I think the GLX has the prettiest and classiest face of all G-Shocks. Clear, proportional font, easy to read LCD, and understated tide/moon display. Very attractive watch.

    EDIT: Would the GWM and GLS have worked as well? Same dimensions?
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    Re: GLX5600/G5600-E Bezel and Strap swap

    Quote Originally Posted by Bonky McBonk View Post

    EDIT: Would the GWM and GLS have worked as well? Same dimensions?

    GLS with GW-M resin:

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    Re: GLX5600/G5600-E Bezel and Strap swap

    Bonky McBonk,
    Like d2mac said, the GWM5600 has the same listed dimensions, found them here: G-SHOCK - Watch - Products - CASIO as approx. 46,70mm x 43,20mm x 12,70mm (H x W x D).

    I had a quick look but couldn't find the casio dimensions for the GLS but came across a few sites listing it as the same.

    Sedi said those ones had the same bezel in the other thread so credit to him for that :)

    Definitely cool you can swap the parts to make the piece you like the best!


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