Got a G9000! Should I worry about buttons split/cracking?

Thread: Got a G9000! Should I worry about buttons split/cracking?

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    Got a G9000! Should I worry about buttons split/cracking?

    Hi All!

    I made a post a couple weeks ago about buying my first G! It was a Gulfman G9100, but upon arrival it was non functional, and the caseback was scratched up pretty bad! I took it back to Kohl's, and since they don't carry it in that store they could only offer a refund. But in the display case sat a lone G9000 Mudman, going for the same price! So I went with an even exchange for that. (It was the one I originally wanted, but they've been OOS on their online site so was unable to purchase it... til now!) I looooove it! Crisp clear display, easy to catch the date and time at a glance, time shown in timer mode, progress beeper!

    I've read about the buttons being hard to use, but I don't find them bad at all! I figure that may be because I use my finger nails to press them (as I do with any watch buttons really). I read a couple old threads about the resin around the buttons eventually splitting and cracking open. And thus comes my question - is that something I may have to worry about since I'll be using finger nails to depress them all the time? I'm going to make almost daily use of the timer - a few times a day, so the buttons will see their fair share of use.

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    Re: Got a G9000! Should I worry about buttons split/cracking?

    Congratulations on your new Mudman!

    The sort-of good news about the Mudman buttons comes in three parts:

    1) Even if the buttons split or crack, they're just button COVERS, so while it may look a little ugly it won't affect the operation OR the water resistance of the watch. They're on the Mudman models in order to help keep mud out of the actual button openings underneath.

    2) There are a LOT of threads around here about people taking their Mudman apart -- only slightly! -- and putting the bezel (with the attached button covers) in boiling water to make them easier to operate. Most people agree that it makes the buttons easier to push, and it only involves removing six screws. Here's a link to the most detailed (and famous) "how to" thread, but as has been noted many times, don't follow the instructions all the way to the end! You can stop after picture #5, which means you do NOT have to take the back of the watch off (and there's really no reason to until it's time for a new battery.)

    3) Whether or not you decide to soften your Mudman's button covers, replacement bezels (with the attached button covers) are available from Casio parts suppliers, like US-based, UK-based, and eBay. (Pacparts' price for the base model bezel is "only" $15.91 plus S&H.)

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