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    Question GR-8900A Light no longer illuminates

    Long time appreciative reader. First time poster.

    I have an issue that I have not been able to remedy on my own. I have done extensive research on other modules, but have not found anything that has solved my problem.

    I carefully disassembled my GR-8900A with the intent of replacing the polarized film to change from a negative display to a positive. I was very deliberate and careful to work in a sterile workspace and follow every instruction tutorial/video to mitigate any chance of damage. The replacement was very straight forward and successful. The watch works just as before, however, the light no longer operates. The blur in the bottom left is from the camera angle.

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    The button presses are still recognized during a long-press when I see the 'LT' engage. I have completely disassembled and reassembled the module multiple times to ensure alignment of screen, 2 solar springs, rubber pad, buttons, and plastic enclosure are installed correctly. Battery is 'High" charged. Tilt and Solar tests positively completed (I even used the light button to close the '8888' display). Finally, AC reset successful. The light does not function with the module inside or outside of the watch case.

    Has anyone had a similar experience or have any advice?

    Thanks in advance folks!


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    Re: GR-8900A Light no longer illuminates

    Sorry to hear about your problem. I have that exact watch, but have not opened it. There is a thread here that talks a bit about contact points. Perhaps one was bent upon placing the module in the case?

    If one is bent be careful not to break it while bending it back. I hope you get it fixed.
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