Be grateful you don't own these watches!

Thread: Be grateful you don't own these watches!

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    Angry Be grateful you don't own these watches!

    Was browsing a Chinese shopping site and came across some really evident fake Gs, well dunno if you could brand them as fake. (They aren't branded G-Shock but look like them!). Just spend a moment being grateful that you don't have those watches. I wanted to post this just to let you know about the current condition for fake watches in China and hell, why not flame at these watches while pointing out their design flaws and missed features.

    Here they are if you wanna take a look (look at the amount of monthly buyers!):

    49.80 RMB ~ 7.83 USD
    31118 Monthly buyers and 116079 ratings
    Rated an average of 4.8/5.0

    Same one, a bit more expensive. 68.00 RMB ~ 10.69 USD
    7485 Monthly buyers and 38936 ratings
    Rated an a
    Here's a Rangeman fake, there are more ABC fakes if you scroll down and click the images. None have ABC functions.
    59.90 RMB ~ 9.42 USD
    4229 Monthly buyers and 9716 ratings
    Rated an average of 4.9/5.0

    39.00 RMB ~ 6.13 USD
    5242 monthly buyers and 3806 ratings
    Rating average - 4.9/5.0

    79.90 RMB ~ 12.57 USD
    No buyer data
    Rating: 4.9/5.0

    Or if you're thirsty for more, here's the whole search for "Electronic Watch"

    There are pictures so just pick one that looks like a G-Shock fake and look at the advertising concept... Why the hell would u freeze ur watch and smash it with a hammer? Just throw it outta ur window on the 10th floor and see if it still works (hehe, don't actually try that)! BTW this isn't in the fakes sub-forum cause I don't intend to buy these, and they seem like pretty obvious fakes to anybody that actually browses these forums. I pity those that actually buy these, those 50000+ people every month...
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    Re: Be grateful you don't own these watches!

    Removed links, please check forum rules!

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    Re: Be grateful you don't own these watches!

    they are not fakes but a different brand. No need to remove the links. Just remember not to press button while in the water. lol

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