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    GS-1050 Q's

    After I saw a couple of Sedis post, mentioning the GS-1050 (module 5105), I'm quited hooked on that model.

    Does the analog hands follow the digital time? That is, if I for instance swap DST on the digital, will the analog hands follow automatically?

    Except for how to realign the hands, nothing is mentioned in the manual about the hands. Since it's not mentioned how to asjust the analog time, is it safe to assume the hand follows the digital time?

    Are there some good online deals within europe? Seems like 110-120 GBP is common.

    Is it avaible in the US in street stores? I'm going to NYC in a couple of months.

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    Re: GS-1050 Q's

    It's quite nice isn't it ? Still haven't got one but it's very high up on my list. The module is the same as in the GW-2500 - except for the missing atomic reception and the subdial at '3' which shows the stopwatch and not the world time - so it's also similar to the module of the MTG-1500 (only without the atomic reception and the 'tough movement' that the MTG-1500 has). The hands are synchronized with the digital time - so no more 'hand set'-mode. There still is a hand set mode only in case the hands should get misaligned because of heavy impact or magnetism but except for that the hands and the digital time should always show the same time - in time-keeping mode of course.
    There was a shop that had a good price on it but they are out of stock - it was the cheapest I could find:
    Casio Ana-Digi Giez Solar G Shock - GS-1050-1ADR | ZG Watches
    So I guess 120GBP is ok and it will be tough to get it any cheaper. Ebay has about the same prices.
    Don't forget to start a thread and post some pics when you get one .

    Greetings, Sedi

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    Re: GS-1050 Q's

    Hi Sedi, thanks

    Yeah, it's a very good looking watch. And I've been looking for an ana-digi for quite a while now. Started looking for full analogs, but ditched the idea due to the clumsy multi functions. Wouldnt mind having a Giez with atomic and solar, and nothing else

    I've also noticed that the ones I've seen at 120 GBP is out of stock I've seen some at 220 GBP, but that's too much. I've also seen some in the US for about 170$, so I'll most likely wait for our NYC trip in the fall, and see if I'm lucky


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