GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics
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Thread: GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

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    GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

    Arrived home this morning to find this waiting for me. The GSET-30 box set containing a DW-5030D-1JR, a DW-5000 re-issue and a bendy G-Man. I know you came here for pics so lets get started...

    Not sure what I think of putting a set like this in a vacuumed formed pack. Doesn't feel very special but I guess they were restricted by the little dudes form.

    Name:  gset_01.jpg
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    Back of box

    Name:  gset_02.jpg
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    G-Man with attitude

    Name:  gset_03.jpg
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    He's as happy as me getting 2 watches at the same time.

    Name:  gset_04.jpg
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    DW-5030D. I'm really into these displays so this was a must for me.

    Name:  gset_05.jpg
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    30 Stars

    Name:  gset_06.jpg
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    30th anniversary case back

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    That CF band and keeper. Its pretty special, the inside is a very soft matt rubber and the strap is longer than my GW-5000.

    Name:  gset_08.jpg
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    That display again.

    Name:  gset_09.jpg
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    More to follow...

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    Re: GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

    awesome!!, i also love the display on the 5030D, congrats and wear it in great health….….. The SEC is not letting me spend a single no G man for me…yet
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    Re: GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

    While squares aren't my thing (outside of the King), that CF model looks fantastic. Enjoy them.
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    GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

    Super duper cool MCZK. Awesome acquisition Enjoy
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    Re: GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

    Right on mczk! I have to say that the 5030d is a very good looking watch. Enjoy!

    sent with aloha
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    Re: GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

    Very nice! I still have a bit of a wait for mine (hasn't even arrived at the FJ warehouse yet). The band is the same as the GW-S5600 (except for the writing on the band) and yes, it is a little bit longer than a traditional band for one of these watches, but not by much.
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    Re: GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

    Great pictures. Love the set
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    Re: GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

    OMG!!! I want that 5030!!! Still couldn't find any set with a fair price...

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    Re: GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

    The G man is very well done. Congrats.

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    Re: GSET-30-1JR Arrived. WARNING many pics

    OK. sorry about the delay, I had to make lunch for my son and get him down for his afternoon nap. Anyway, you don't want to hear about that, you want to see pics of watches. So, on with the show.
    Many thanks for all the kind comments by the way.

    Reissue of the DW-5000-1JF, itself a reissue. I won't go into as much detail on this as its really the same as the last one except for the 30th anniversary screw back. I wonder if this was always going to be a set or Casio were unsure of how a virtually identical watch would sell? I'm not undermining this watch, as a standalone piece, its beautifully subtle. If they decide to sell this on its own and you don't have the DW-5000-1JF I would still recommend this one.

    Name:  gset_10.jpg
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    Its anniversary case back. Its looking a bit gold in this shot from some reflection but its a very bright silver with top notch engraving. Maybe easier to see in the next pic.

    Name:  gset_11.jpg
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    Name:  gset_12.jpg
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    Special keepers... losers weepers

    Name:  gset_13.jpg
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    And, finally, another of the 5030D. I forgot to say before, the bezel is reminiscent of the DW-5025D Ocean Grey. This time its a fair bit darker but you can see the relationship between the two. I really love these displays and when I get a chance, I will try to do a comparison piece between this one, the DW-5025SP, the GW-T5030C and the DW-5000LV (and any more if I get them in time!)

    Name:  gset_14.jpg
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    And the wrist shot. As Kung said this is essentially the same band as the GW-S5600 which I'd heard was a bit uncomfortable. Given I wear a GW-5000 most of the time I had expected to feel the same but its surprisingly comfortable. I will say I suspect this band is going to scratch up like buggery. But I don't think most would wear this as an every day watch so probably not a problem.

    Name:  gset_16.jpg
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    Bonus material
    I was lucky enough to also get a little Singaporean mate for the GSET dude.

    Name:  gset_15.jpg
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    All in all a great bundle, I'm a happy chappy. Thanks for reading and good luck if you are trying to get one. I've no idea how many are being made as I can't find any reference on any Casio documentation or press releases. Its not numbered anywhere so I would assume its not a very limited set. I'm sure it will emerge in time.
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