A Gshock cruising on Como Lake (tons of pics)
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Thread: A Gshock cruising on Como Lake (tons of pics)

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    Picture A Gshock cruising on Como Lake (tons of pics)

    Hard working day on the Como Lake.

    The 2h cruise started and ended at Bellagio village, just at the point of Como Lake.

    Bellagio - Google Maps

    The Gshock GW500U is ready for a full recharge under the bright and warm italian sun.

    This is the view from the hotel room:

    The way down to the harbor..

    The little harbor..

    Just boarded..

    A first sight at the lake (northbound)..before departure

    Just after leaving Bellagio

    Gshock (and not only him) seems to enjoy it..

    View of Bellagio (West side) from the boat

    Recharging and recharging...

    Some nice villas...

    The gorgeous nature

    Cruising south..

    Villa of "Mr Guinness", owner of Guinness irish beer...poor guy, no car park there.

    Another G popping up at wrist of one of my collegue...

    The most beautiful villa of the lake, Villa Balbianello, belongs to FAI, Italian Trust for Art.
    Here they shot some scenes of the marriage in the Star Wars - The war of the clones

    Star Wars am Comer See - YouTube

    The first guesthouse of Mr Branson (Virgin) Villa. Anybody can rent it for 100.000€/week.

    Second guest house, getting closer to the Lords Villa..

    Then the Villa..

    Another Villa, just purchased by a wealthy russian young lady..

    Tullio Abbate's shipyard..

    Tullio Abbate

    Now heading north, back to Bellagio

    Como Lake point, where the lake splits in two (going north to south)

    Small Ferries going around..

    Village of Varenna

    Another nice Villa in Varenna, formerly used by Mr Enrico Fermi (the father of nuclear energy) for his conferences, before moving to USA.

    An Hotel only accessible by Funicular..

    Fiume Latte (Milk River, due to the white foam) coming down the mountain to the lake..

    The train runs over the lake in Varenna..

    Back to Bellagio, but now seen from the eastern arm of the lake

    Those buildings were formerly an Hotel, since a Lady from US decided to buy them all, many years ago. When she died, she left them to Rockefeller Foundation, which allows Students to stay there for some weeks every year without any charge.

    What a powerful sunbeam!

    A close view on the point again, now moving back to the western arm..again aside of Bellagio.

    Fanny Villa, which belongs to an italian entepreneur in the steel business.

    Best wishes of a life full of love!

    Some shots of Bellagio before arriving...

    The villa on Top is again the Rockefeller Foundation one, we saw earlier from the other side.

    I am exhausted...time for a drink now!!

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    Re: A Gshock cruising on Como Lake (tons of pics)


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    I like the 'secret watch photos'.....

    "you aren't taking photos of your bloody watch again are you? "

    "no darling, just the Lake and the railings and the water and the...... "

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    Re: A Gshock cruising on Como Lake (tons of pics)

    Great pics - now I wanna spend my holidays there . The pics could be a little bigger though. Have you downsized them?

    cheers, Sedi

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    So basically its money, money, money, watch!, money, money, money.... Water, money. Thats the basic jist of the pictures. Very nice though. Looks like a great place to vacation.

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    Re: A Gshock cruising on Como Lake (tons of pics)

    Como Lake?

    Or Naboo?


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    Re: A Gshock cruising on Como Lake (tons of pics)

    Simply stunning. You live in a spectacularly beautiful part of the world, Cabatisto. Ah... to have a villa on a lakeside in Italy. What divine splendor.
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    Re: A Gshock cruising on Como Lake (tons of pics)

    Nice photos....and did you notice the watch?

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    Re: A Gshock cruising on Como Lake (tons of pics)

    I would love to comment, but I can't see the pics.

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    Re: A Gshock cruising on Como Lake (tons of pics)

    I did mess up something with Picasa, that's the reason of the small size.

    Here the link to the Album, if you click on each pic you get it bigger.


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