GShock MTG-510 Module/Parts?

Thread: GShock MTG-510 Module/Parts?

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    GShock MTG-510 Module/Parts?

    Hi All,

    Am looking for any links or resources that might assist in getting a replacement module (2339) for a GShock MTG-510 circa 2001?

    Any leads appreciated.

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    Re: GShock MTG-510 Module/Parts?

    #1: Where do you live? A country or continent is always helpful.

    #2: is a great resource of all Casio and G-Shock parts -- their database is often extremely helpful. Unfortunately, they show the MTG-510 module as being discontinued, but even if it hadn't been discontinued, Casio apparently decided about a year ago that they would no longer sell modules to the public -- instead, all newer models show the module as "restricted part, contact factory service center."

    #3: Based on that latest change, your best bets for a replacement module are probably your local Casio service center OR the used market, especially eBay.

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