Gshock Mudman GW9000A on a ZULU Strap with Suunto C-Clips
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Thread: Gshock Mudman GW9000A on a ZULU Strap with Suunto C-Clips

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    Gshock Mudman GW9000A on a ZULU Strap with Suunto C-Clips

    Hey guys, after being inspired by a post on here on modifying the gshock to enable the use of a zulu strap, i went ahead and followed all the instructions and here is the result below.

    My watch:
    Gshock mudman GW-9000A

    What I needed to carry out this little project:
    Buy a Suunto Vector strap (these straps come with 2 C-clips, these clips are why you are buying the strap). I live in the UK so ordered it from here
    Suunto Vector Strap: Sports & Outdoors

    Also you will need a 22mm Zulu watch Strap. this strap will feed through the C-clips. I bought my one here, its got pvd buckles so its all black.

    ZULU Nylon Watch Strap - Choice of Colour and Size - High Quality Heavy Duty | eBay

    The last thing you need is a biro/pen. you need the tube inside that contains the ink, but use an empty one. This tube will have to be cut with a scissors into 4 pieces. each piece being very short so its fiddly. The screws that hold the strap that came with your gshock will feed through the C-clip, and then through the small piece of biro, then in to the gshock. dont screw. same thing goes for the other side. I found i had to cut the pieces several times to get the correct length. SO, when the first side is screwed in, you will nee to do the same for the other side, but it can be tricky, so i found the best way to get the byro tube into the right place was to just drop it in to the gap (you will know what im on about if you have completed the first bit) and then feed the screw through the C-clip then into the watch again. Be sure you have cut the byro tubes to good lengths , because if you cut them too short, the C-clip will bend when you screw the screws in all the way.
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    The Photo below shows part of the biro tube just after the Clip on the inside, watch is a bit dirty, but id worry if a Gshock was too clean.
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    The zulu strap felt stiff and uncomfortable when it was new, but after 2 days of wearing it in, it feels fine now.
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    Re: Gshock Mudman GW9000A on a ZULU Strap with Suunto C-Clips

    i love it, but from what i read in here, people prefer 24mm strap, why you used 22mm ?
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    Re: Gshock Mudman GW9000A on a ZULU Strap with Suunto C-Clips

    Cool, this watch looks great with the strap

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    Re: Gshock Mudman GW9000A on a ZULU Strap with Suunto C-Clips

    very nice, where did u get the C-Clips? are they available in 24mm?
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    Gshock Mudman GW9000A on a ZULU Strap with Suunto C-Clips

    I don't like those kind of straps. The original straps look better IMO. Is that okay to say on this forum? )

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    Re: Gshock Mudman GW9000A on a ZULU Strap with Suunto C-Clips

    I decided to go for the 22mm strap because i had read that was the perfect size when doing this modification. My zulu strap is 1.6mm thick, the usual being 1.1mm. As you can see from the photo, there isnt any more space to fit a wider strap unless you squeezed it through, it was hard enough getting the 22mm one through, it feels like it wont come off on its own thats for sure.
    In response to where to buy the C-clips, you could try Suunto company themselves, but no where sells them individually, the strap comes with 2 C-clips so i just ordered the Suunto Vector strap (link is above in my previous post). I called watch shops all over London and no one would sell me the C-clips individually as they are sealed with the strap. I am not aware of any C-clips that would fit 24mm strap, but id assume they wouldn't fit on the gshock if they were that big.

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