GSTB200 on a ToxicNato 1pc+jayandkay adapters
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Thread: GSTB200 on a ToxicNato 1pc+jayandkay adapters

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    Man o man, I've had this strap for awhile and I finally have just the watch for it. I had just gotten home and saw the package and I am super stoked that the jayandkay 16mm Large lug adapters fit awesomely and areso low profile with just yet again a solid product, personally my 3rd product from them.

    It may not show that selling the photo but the strap is 22mm, olive drab seatbelt nylon from toxic nato. I have 3 or 4 and love themto death.
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    Re: GSTB200 on a ToxicNato 1pc+jayandkay adapters

    Quite nice.

    We have a GST B200 on order now.

    We trudge on.

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