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    Confused Gulfman replacement bezels and straps

    I have DECIDED, my next G is Gulfman, I wanna buy the black (atomic) version and just buy a bunch of bezels and straps with different colors, like, ICERC transparent white and ocean grey and the glossy white. Do any of you know where to get them? I would really appreciate if you know to get them all.

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    Re: Gulfman replacement bezels and straps

    try casio usa. dont think you will be able to get them all. the new ice white will be avaible after november. btw I ordered a GG Frog bezel, strap and screws over a month ago. they said they were backordered. I got the screws about 2 weeks latter. got the straps after 4 weeks, still waiting on the bezel so I can convert my DB to a GG. just to change it up a little like you want to do

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