Is gulfman resistant to low temps?

Thread: Is gulfman resistant to low temps?

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    Question Is gulfman resistant to low temps?

    Hello guys! Its been a long time since i dont come to this forum, so ive been wondering if the Gulfman from The Master Of G Series could support low temps, for example on the freezer and going snowboarding.
    I had a Mudman but the buttons broke appart and i had to sell it, that was a hell of a watch for low temps.

    I would be very apreciated if you could say me if this watch is low temp resistant.


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    Re: Is gulfman resistant to low temps?

    If a watch is on your wrist, it's never going to get cold enough to affect it so if you are just concerned about wearing it in cold environments, you'll have no problems.

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    Re: Is gulfman resistant to low temps?

    The Gulfman is not advertised as being low-temp resistant or having a low-temp resist LCD to be precise. So if it gets colder than -10C there might be some slowing down of the LCD reaction. I assume you wear the watch over a jacket? I think the G-7900 is the best choice in that case - has the same low-temp resist LCD than the G-9000 and buttons are big enough to be worked with gloves.

    cheers, Sedi

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    Re: Is gulfman resistant to low temps?

    I don't know about the effectiveness of low-temp LCDs as compared with ordinary LCDs, but I sometimes freeze (<-20C) all my (vintage and newer) Casio watches and apart from the slow LCD, they work fine.

    If you're looking for something to use in low temperatures, petew is correct in that your body heat will keep the watch warm, unless you strap it on the outside.
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