Gulfmaster Light/ABC buttons are "stiff"

Thread: Gulfmaster Light/ABC buttons are "stiff"

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    Gulfmaster Light/ABC buttons are "stiff"

    Just received my gulf yesterday, and I'm loving every bit of it! Had a quick question, I noticed the light button and the function for altimeter, barometer, etc buttons (the 2 on the right, that are blue and red) are a bit stiff compared to the other side buttons. Going so far as to say that it even sticks a little when I first push the light button in every hour or so, after which if I press it again within a few minutes it feels normal, but waiting 30 minutes or so will cause it to stick a little. Is this normal, and does it just need to be broken in a bit more? Or should I be worried and consider exchanging it? Normally I wouldn't fuss over such a thing, but I rarely drop more than 60 or 70 on a watch, or any one specific item for that matter. Thanks in advance for any replies. On a side note, the Gulfmaster fits perfectly and I love wearing it, shots coming later after work

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    I should probably specify that when I say "sticks" I don't mean that it actually stays in a compressed position, rather that I can feel resistance mid press of the button

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    Re: Gulfmaster Light/ABC buttons are "stiff"

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurang View Post
    Is this normal, and does it just need to be broken in a bit more?
    Could be. Give it a week !
    Currently wearing "Moby" my Gulfmaster Quad Sensor GWN-Q1000-7AER

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