GW-1500a-1av Analog....Have one?

Thread: GW-1500a-1av Analog....Have one?

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    GW-1500a-1av Analog....Have one?

    If so, do you have trouble reading the red hour hand? I just purchased this from a forum member (fantastic deal and transaction by the way) and like all the features of the watch. I prefer analog so thats why I jumped on the deal. I just don't like the red hand..its hard to read except in good lighting. Seems like a strange choice of color to me. OH well, I will just have to get used to it..

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    Re: GW-1500a-1av Analog....Have one?

    You get used to it after a short time. My G-100 is the same way, and my blue GW-1500 has a blue hour hand. I would have prefered if they would have made the minute red like this.

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    Re: GW-1500a-1av Analog....Have one?

    Yep, The red hand is pretty tough to get used to.
    Almost as hard as reading those itty bitty displays at the bottom

    But it is a cool watch. I use it to set my other watches.
    About the only time the hour hand is easy to ready is when you fire up the led's! You can read a book by those things! Still wondering if they have a Hi beam and Lo beam setting.
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    Re: GW-1500a-1av Analog....Have one?

    I have one and really hadn't noticed a problem with the red hand. I'm thinking about selling mine. Since I bought a Giez and also have a GW-300 (solar atomic as well) it doesn't get much wrist time. Guess I'm more of a flipper than a collector
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    Re: GW-1500a-1av Analog....Have one?

    quite a time ago I had one, didn't like much, couldn't get used to it, thats why I sold it again 2 weeks later or so. IMO the colour combination with the red hand and the violet/redish dial is a total abberation, so is the "super illuminator". i found it next to useless, bright as the sun, but you can't even see the digital subdials. the only thing is does really good is to get you full awake if you wanna know the time in the middle of the night. one push on the light button and you can forget your sleep, but suffering from flashblindness instead....

    regards, holger

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    Re: GW-1500a-1av Analog....Have one?

    I bought one and sent it back. My old eyes just couldn't read the tiny LCD display. But, it was my very second G-Shock... (first was bought in the 1980s - have no idea what model.. it is long gone)

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