GW-3000 available in the U.S. soon?

Thread: GW-3000 available in the U.S. soon?

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    GW-3000 available in the U.S. soon?

    I hope this has not been discussed elsewhere; I did a search but did not find anything, nor did I find anything on the Casio USA site.

    Anyhow: I was having my hair cut today and was flipping through the April 2010 issue of Details magazine. I was surprised to see an advertisement for the GW-3000 - I had assumed the watch was going to stay non-U.S., if not permanently, at least for a good while. The ad showed the orange version with a MSRP of $260, I would assume that the "street" price would be somewhere around $200.

    Anybody else see this ad or hear anything about this? I'm pumped as I have stopped myself several times from paying $300 or more to get this watch from Japan. I will be very happy if I can get it online from a U.S. dealer for around $200.
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    Re: GW-3000 available in the U.S. soon?

    Seeing an ad in a mag sure is a good sign it's coming soon. If you visit, it is still not listed .. but that site is notorious for not being up to date. However, if you check out the Products page, if you look down at the bottom of the page where certain model series are highlighted, I've seen the Classic series where the orange GW-3000B pop up. I am happy the ad mentioned a not so outrageous msrp, but I wonder if the demand will be greater than supply like GW-7900B and becomes scarce. I can't wait for this one!
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