GW-330A/2688 question..

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    GW-330A/2688 question..

    I hope someboday can confirm something for me about a 2688 module;

    During some work on the watch I think I lost a small spring.
    I think there are supposed to be four internal springs that are used as electrical contacts against the back cover.
    In the attached photo I have circled the four spring positions in yellow. I have noted the position I think should have a spring. While I have not measured this spring it is small, about 1mm in diameter and maybe 6 or 7mm in length.

    Can somebody confirm that the the area I am questioning should have a spring in it?

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    Re: GW-330A/2688 question..

    in case you lost the spring it is very easy to "make" a new one - simply take a springbar and cut it in half - then take out the spring and put it in the hole - close the backplate (no need to put in the screws yet) and try out if the watch is working properly again.

    cheers, Sedi

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