GW-4000-1A3ER vs GW-4000-1A3JF

Thread: GW-4000-1A3ER vs GW-4000-1A3JF

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    GW-4000-1A3ER vs GW-4000-1A3JF

    hello all
    i'm about to treat myself with this new watch but really don't know which one to get. what's the difference between these 2 models? is it just that the GW 4000 1A3JF is for Japanese market only...that's it? is there any difference in quailty and or anything like that at all?
    I can get GW 4000 1A3ER for about 210 pounds and GW 4000 1A3JF for about 300 pounds. money is not really an issue but just wondering if it is worth the money to add about 100 pounds extra for the latter model?
    what country this model made in? Japan, China or Thailand?
    Thank you all very much for your help :)

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    Re: GW-4000-1A3ER vs GW-4000-1A3JF

    No difference! Get the ER (European market) version and the saved 100 pounds can be used on for instance a 30TH anniversary DW-6930 or something...
    This model is made in Japan!
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