GW-410TCJ + GL-150 ..Help, Please

Thread: GW-410TCJ + GL-150 ..Help, Please

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    Confused GW-410TCJ + GL-150 ..Help, Please

    Hi there, Im new to this forum, and having searched thru it, am looking for some advice.

    First of all, Im looking for the instructions for my GW 410 TCJ and the GL 150. I tried thru Casio G shock, but no luck.

    If anybody can help, I would be very appreciative.

    ALSO, my White GW410TCJ....I love it, being a surfer and all, however the loop that is attached to the strap is now a dirty cream colour. I dont wear it that much as I want to keep it in a half decent condition. Can the original straps be replaced? I wrote to casio voicing my displeasure, as the watch was barely a month old andthe rubber loop was changing colour. Is this normal?

    I used to have the old G shocks from about 7 years ago, the US Open and the Triple Crown of Surfing models, but sold them O|

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.


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    Re: GW-410TCJ + GL-150 ..Help, Please

    Hi Richny, welcome to the forum. If you have the module #'s for your watches, the Casio site should have the manuals. As far as finding parts, Sjors or Ozzie could probably help you. They are our resident 'g-uru's':-D
    Post some pics of the watches if you can.

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