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    GW-5000 stopped synching

    I have a GW-5000 that is the perfect watch for me. I have been wearing a series of Casio
    G-shock 5600 types as my only watch since 1988. Got into watches a couple of years ago and had many a fling with all types of watches, but short of a new Omega Speedmaster Professional, (which I just can't justify spending the money on) the GW-5000 is my one and only watch (reverse of a WIS, I know). Anyways......I have been very pleased with it until the battery indicator went to low staus, as a result of winter here in Canada, wearing it under shirts and jackets,etc ( I assume that is what happened). I recharged it in the sun and under lights and it went to medium charge, but can't get it to go back to high battery status. Also, after synching almost perfectly for many months, it has stopped altogether. Does it need to be on high battery level to synch, and if so, how do I get it back to high battery? Any advice?

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    Re: GW-5000 stopped synching

    I don't know about the charging, it will probably take some more time under the sun. Once it is fully charged (not just having reached high, but fully charged) it should stay that way for months.

    As for synching, it can depend on the atmospheric conditions too. When it is raining or very overcast, my atomics don't synch.

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