GW-5600 available for europe?

Thread: GW-5600 available for europe?

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    GW-5600 available for europe?


    does anyone know, if the gw-5600 will be available in a european version?

    What about the accuracy of the standard dw-5600, how many seconds off per month do you guys have?

    I need a G-Shock that fits easily under shirt cuffs (after summer).

    An alternative to the GW-5600 could be the GW-056, but that one does have a metal bezel decoration and I not sure if I like the display.

    Have a nice day,


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    Wink Re: GW-5600 available for europe?

    Hi Ad,

    THe GW-5600 is a JP-only release, sadly. The people you find here have imported a GW-5600 from Japan or bought it from someone that imported that watch from Japan. Unfortunatelly Casio wasn't planning to sell it in the U.S. or Europe... I sincirely hope that Casio will release a 5-band version of the GW-5600. That would be a very smart move for Casio, there the DW-5600 shaped models are very popular worldwide and it's very interesting for people who travel around the world all the time and still want to have a rough watch...


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