GW 5610 and GW 5600E 1J-F
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Thread: GW 5610 and GW 5600E 1J-F

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    GW 5610 and GW 5600E 1J-F

    I currently own and wear a DW 5600E 1-VER.
    Just seen on Rakuten the solar version of my model, while I thought only the GW5000 and DW m5610 where solar and multiband. Also noticed that instead of Illuminator another word is shown, Fox Fire and Water 20 bar resist.
    Are these models different? Are for japanese market only?
    I will buy a GW5000 but also want a gw5610. Don't really like the red line, so if i can get a different model I would buy it.
    what can you tell me about this GW5600E 1-VER?

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    Re: GW 5610 and GW 5600E 1J-F

    There's no GW-5600E-1VER and DW-M5610.
    Trivia - G-Shock Wiki | casio watch resources helps you understand the numbers and codes.

    List of Every G-Shock Model - G-Shock Wiki | casio watch resources gives you more understanding about the GW-5600 line.

    Skip the GW-M5610 and buy directly GW-5000-1JF, if you can explain yourself the $228 higher price.
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