GW-5625E love, New 6900 and Frog

Thread: GW-5625E love, New 6900 and Frog

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    GW-5625E love, New 6900 and Frog

    I usually set my mechanical watches on Friday morning, today I
    used my Glorious Gold 5625 as my standard, this one syncs Anywhere !.
    Naturally I spent a lot of time looking at the face, and concluded that it
    is the clearest, most legible of all. The gold/black contrast is great, and
    the digits are bigger than my MB Frog or my GG 6900.
    It's not the biggest, but I think it's the best combination of features,
    size, readibility, and Still looks like an origional 5600, few "updates" do.

    Having said that; I don't think I have ever anticipated a G-Shock
    as much as I do the GW-6900. It looks to be the same size as the origional,
    and maintains the same face. Looks like the "eye's" have
    different functionalities, but over all, it's a Great update. I actually hope
    it's not a screw in caseback, none of the origionals were. My first G was
    a yellow "snakes and spyders" in 1995, still my most Irreplacable watch.

    My Frogmen are my "go to" G's, I'll Never be without one !.
    However, I have problems with the busy, complex, face of the new one.
    I place the Frogman in the same category as a Hammer. A hammer,
    hammers nails, exclusively and VERY well. I still dive often, and do not
    anticipate Ever Needing, or wanting, more functionality than my MB.
    About 80% of the "stuff" on the face will Never be used while diving.
    A depth gauge would be nice, also BIGGER digits !, brighter light, 300m
    certification, and non solar atomic. Any diving equipment that uses
    gaskets, needs cleaning, new gaskets, new battery every year.
    Many of us love G's because of their basic, tough, no nonsense,
    reputation, rightfully earned. I got taken to task once for saying that
    the Riseman could represent an evoloution well beyond the G's provenance.
    I am certain I will own the new Frog, like I do a Riseman;
    but I will never consider it to be a tool. A hammer with GPS, cellphone,
    mp3, easy bake oven, etc, may be cool, but, as a hammer, it would
    be no better than a plain one, maybe not as good !.

    If you read all of this, you deserve, the "Order of G" award and will receive one shortly. My Very Best, To You ALL !. LL

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    Re: GW-5625E love, New 6900 and Frog

    Hey Larry. OK, I read all of it. So when do I get that award...?

    Mate, good to hear you still got the G love...

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    Re: GW-5625E love, New 6900 and Frog

    you bet buddy, the gwm5625 is a great, legible watch that i have also found syncs very reliably! and like you, i am certain to get a gw6900 shortly after the release - though i am sort of hoping for a colorful one during the summer.

    about the multifunctionality debate, i think it is very subjective. i might even tend towards your view that i'd rather a gshock be an infallible time keeping device, but i also love the idea of compasses, barometers, thermometers, and geegaws. so, i guess i like a spectrum of purposeful to functinality varied 'shocks.

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    Re: GW-5625E love, New 6900 and Frog

    So, when should I expect that "order of G" award?

    So does this mean you'll be one of the first buyers for that new 6900 when it comes out?

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