GW-9100-1JF, no tide & moon?

Thread: GW-9100-1JF, no tide & moon?

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    GW-9100-1JF, no tide & moon?

    Was looking at these & it doesn't appear that this Gulfman has the tide & moon info on it, is that right? As you can tell I am new to G-Shocks & still learning all the models. Regards--->Scott

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    Re: GW-9100-1JF, no tide & moon?

    That would be right.
    I've got a thread somewhere with loads of pictures of it in. For the life of me I can't find it anywhere. Maybe it got deleted by accident, or had disappeared into the Twilight Zone.

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    Re: GW-9100-1JF, no tide & moon?

    Yes IslandCop, it was a strong bone of contention that this latest Gulfman didn't have tide and moon graph information unlike it's predecessor, the DW-9700.

    However, it does look COOL !

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