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    GW-9200 Men In Ice White

    I have a question regarding the GW-9200 M.I.I.W.
    This one has white resin band and bezel. How easy does this watch yellow?
    Is the watch "shiny" or flat?

    I ask because if you take the DW-6900 "Rasta", it is coated with something that makes it shiny, and it does not yellow (at least mine does not).

    But if you look at the DW-6900FS-8, it starts to yellow after just a few weeks.

    Does anybody have some information on this? I want to buy the GW-9200 MIIW, but if it starts to yellow after a week or two, I am not so shure any more...


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    Re: GW-9200 Men In Ice White

    My understanding is that ALL white watches yellow over time. It is due to the UV in the sunlight. The shiny coating won't prevent yellowing. The same happens to all jelly watches, Men In Yellow series (they go a darker shade of yellow!), Men In White Grey, Men In Smoke etc...

    It is unavoidable. You cannot escape your destiny...

    I have the Ice White Gulfman and I'm not taking any chances. Yes it is covered with a shiny coating, but I certainly wouldn't use it as a daily beater.

    Best thing to do is to buy a spare band and bezel. If you know where we can get Ice White bezels and bands please post.

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